Biopharmaceuticals constitute a cutting-edge field that centers on harnessing the potential of Biotechnology to create therapeutic drugs. Within our research group, we leverage the powerful tools and innovative approaches of Biotechnology to foster the development of indigenous technology and products, aimed on producing biosimilars, such as anakinra, thrombax, oprelvekin, proleukin, erythropoietin, and insulin, as well as recombinant human proteins and peptides like interferons and interleukins with therapeutic potential. We also focus on commercializing a wide array of enzymes essential for research and development purposes like recombinant serum albumin, PCR enzymes and kits, etc. The group has state-of-the-art technology for efficient production and downstream processing of recombinant proteins to ensure purity and effectiveness of their products. We are also dedicated to exploring a new horizon in the field of biopharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems using nanoparticles, such as exosomes, PLGA, and chitosan, with a particular focus on improving anticancer potential of therapeutic proteins. Overall, the team is committed to pushing the boundaries of biotechnology-driven biopharmaceutical innovation for the betterment of healthcare and human well-being.

Lab’s Research Interests

  • Development of indigenous technology and products, aiming to commercialize proteins and enzymes for research and development.
  • Production of advanced biosimilars therapeutics.
  • Anticancer potential studies of recombinant human proteins and peptides.
  • Exploring nanoparticles-based systems like exosomes, PLGA, and chitosan, etc.


Commercial Products

  • Taq Polymerase
  • Hot Start Polymerase
  • PFU Polymerase
  • Reverse transcriptase
  • 2X PCR Mix
  • 2X Hot Start Mix
  • 2X qRT-PCR Mix

Recombinant Biosimilars Therapeutics

  • Anakinra
  • Filgrastim
  • PEG-filgrastim
  • Thrombax
  • Erythropoeitin
  • Interferon alpha 2a
  • PEG-Interferon alpha 2a
  • GCSF
  • Consensus interferon

Group Composition

Dr Nadeem Ahmed
Dr Moazur Rahman
Dr Saad Tahir       
Muhammad Asad Ali

Fujimura Nao Akusa
Muhammad Akram
Zaheer Abbas