VIRology LAB


Since its establishment, the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology, Virology group has played a vital role in the betterment of society on various platforms. Biotechnology is developed in response to society’s needs and demands at that particular time. Keeping in view the need of the time we started working on health sciences. The last several years have witnessed the beginning of a major change in the health sector particularly diagnostics in Pakistan.

Infectious disease outbreaks like dengue, HIV, chikungunya, Hepatitis and yellow fever is common in developing countries like Pakistan. Virology group is playing a key role in progressing the awareness, treatment and management of these diseases. Our work relates to eight main themes which consist of the Establishment of assays/methods to study viruses, Studies on Virus Genome characterization, variability, Genotyping/ Serotyping, Studies on viral genes/proteins and their role in disease outcome using Bioinformatics tools, Virus Prevalence and Molecular Epidemiology, Studies on Anti-viral therapy: role of various viral & host factors in treatment response rates and Studies on Virus association with other abnormal conditions/Diseases. Virology group is also trying to lay the foundation for the development of an effective therapeutic vaccine for HPV, Dengue, and HIV. CEMB is trying to make a link between academia and industry for the commercialization of indigenously made detection kits for HCV, HBV, TB, Zika, HPV, Dengue, and Coronavirus. Our unanimous goal is the development and progress of Biological Sciences both on national and international level.


Emerging Viruses, Viral-Host Interactions, Epidemiology, Viral Pathogenesis, Vaccine Development, Antiviral Therapy, Viral Evolution, Diagnostic Techniques, Impact of Viruses on Public Health.


  1. Robust production of recombinant collagen & elastin proteins in serum-free adapted 293T cell line using Ubiquitinous Chromatin opening elements containing lentiviral vectors
  2. Methylation Profile analysis of different Phosphodiesterases Gene in Hepatitis C Virus-Induced Diabetic Patients
  3. Production of Onco-Viral Peptide-Based Therapeutic Vaccine Candidates against Human Papillomavirus type 16
  4. Active research going on CRISPR/Cas13-Mediated Targeting of Hepatitis C Virus RNA in liver cell lines
  5. Production of Collagen (through UCOE containing lentiviral vector) for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes
  6. Development of antigen-based therapeutic vaccine against prevalent serotypes of Dengue Virus
  7. Identification of host genes expression in response to hepatitis C virus infection and therapeutic response
  8. Polymorphisms in interferon-induced genes and their impact on immune changes: An approach to predict the treatment outcome in Hepatitis C Virus-infected patients
  9. Identification and comprehensive analysis of competing endogenous RNA networks in human immunodeficiency virus infection and treatment responses”


  • University of Sydney
  • Rice University
  • CDC, Division of viral hepatitis, USA
  • Abu Academia University Finland
  • Department Gastroenterology and Hepatology – Erasmus MC Rotterdam Netherlands
  • Centre for Virus Research, University of Glasgow, Scottland
  • Queen Marry University, London
  • Institute for Advanced Biosciences, University Grenoble Alpes.


Group picture

Group Composition

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees
Dr. Shazia Rafique       
Dr. Samia Afzal            
Dr. Muhammad Shahid
Dr. Iram Amin                                   

Doctorate Students

Sadia Zahid       
Rabia Nawaz     
Javeria Rafique 
M. Usman Ashraf
Iqra Almas         
Zaheer Abbas   
Khadija Zahid   
Komal Saleem