The group is focused on Non-GMO and GMO approaches to solve different challenges in the area of health, livestock, and Halal food enzymes. The health-related issues being addressed utilizing non-GMO approaches include screening of local flora for anti-cancerous and anti-Alzheimer activities. Whereas GMO approaches are being used to develop algae-based, biocontrol agents, edible vaccines, halal expression systems for production of food enzymes and therapeutic proteins. Furthermore, the risk assessment studies of the GMOs are an integral part of our research to evaluate the risks associated with the GMOs.

Key Research

  • Development of Self-sustainable mosquito larvicidal algae and its biosafety studies.
  • Development of algae based edible vaccine and its biosafety studies.
  • Utilization of algae as a halal expression vector for production of recombinant chymosin for Muslim community.
  • Screening of local habitat for the screening of anti-cancer and anti-Alzheimer activity.


Group Composition

Dr. Mohsin Ahmad Khan
Dr. Rashid Bhatti            
Mr. Islam Khan                 

Ph.D Students
Maham Akram       

M.Phil Students
Abdullah Aslam      
Inzmam Sherwani  
M. Umar