Test Services From Applied and Functional Genomics Lab


The Applied and Functional Genomics lab at CEMB has dedicated itself to the study of genomics for nearly two decades. Their focus has been on employing genomic techniques to uncover the underlying mechanisms of cancer and infectious diseases. Presently, they are providing a range of tests and services.

Applied and Functional Genomics Lab 

Relative Quantitation through Real Time PCR

Please note cDNA sample and optimized gene specific primers should be provided by the customer. Reaction will be in duplicate & Indigenous control (GAPDH) is included.

Rs 6500

per sample

Real Time PCR-Relative Quantification Data Analysis

Rs 1500

per sample

cDNA synthesis for Expression Analysis

Rs 2500

per sample

Cytotoxicity Analysis through MTT Assay

This includes cell culture to the final MTT reading. The samples will be run in triplicate and each sample dose dependent effect will be monitored. * Drugs/compounds/plant extracts/nanoparticles etc.

Rs 3000

per sample

MTT Assay result analysis

Rs 800

Migration/Wound Healing Assay

The photographs and wound measurement in post treatment well is included.

Rs 3000

per sample

For any query or further information please contact

Dr. Bushra Ijaz                       bijaz@cemb.edu.pk