Medical and Environmental Biotechnology Lab


  1. Micro RNA based gene silencing in multi drug resistant cancer cell lines
  2. Discovery of plant secondary metabolites bearing potential significance in medicine and agriculture from indigenous plant materials
  3. Preparation of extracts with the object of obtaining leads bioactive molecules
  4. Investigation of biological and medicinal potential of plant and plant products such as anti-cancer, antimicrobial & antioxidant activity
  5. Phytochemical analysis of major active plant extracts
  6. Development and formulation of plant based biopesticides (bio-insecticides)to control agriculture and household pests
  7. Development and formulation of plant based food preservatives
  8. Dipsticks development to assess insect resistance in Bt crops & pathogens in various samples
  9. Bacteriophages studies for therapeutic purposes against multi drug resistant Bacteria


Group Composition

Prof Dr Kausar Malik

Doctorate Students

Husnain Qamar       
Shumaila Moazzam
Noor Aqsa