Prof Dr Moazur Rahman


As a flagship research and training institute in the field of molecular biology in Pakistan, the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) houses state-of-the-art molecular biology facilities, enabling its research community to tackle fundamental problems in biology at the molecular level and to translate the research outcomes for the benefit of the society. Since its inception in early 1980s, CEMB has been at the forefront of research and development activities, in Pakistan, in diverse fields ranging from health and biopharmaceutical sciences through genomics to plant molecular biology. Over the years, CEMB has fostered research collaborations with various national and international organizations, thus complementing its existing strengths as well as advancing basic and translational research in molecular biology in the region and beyond. Moreover, CEMB has a rich tradition of imparting scientific training to young researchers, acquainting them with the knowledge and skills needed for addressing future challenges and advancing their careers in biological sciences.

As Director, I am committed to ensuring that CEMB continues to make valuable contributions to science. To this end, I aim to strengthen linkages with industry, support innovation in cutting-edge product development, promote commercialization of developed products, engage policymakers for making informed decision pertaining to science, and provide an intellectually-stimulating environment to both young and established researchers for molecular biology research, education, and training.

May Allah give us strength to achieve our goals. Ameen.

Prof. Dr. Moazur Rahman,
Director CEMB